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By |24. May 2018|

If you received an email so far when I published a new blog article and if you want to be informed about new blog articles via email in the future you should definitely continue reading. On Friday, the 25th May 2018, thus in a few hours, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be legally binding in all member states of the European Union. This doesn't only apply for big and middle-size companies but also for honorary associations, photographers and bloggers i.e. for everyone who has a website or a blog also on, Blogspot, Jimdo or Joomla. In general, I think, more data protection is [...]

The Harbin Ice and Snow Festival: frozen sculptures in China’s Northeast

By |06. April 2018|

Ice sculptures as high as houses which are illuminated at night and partially change their colours. Enormous snow sculptures with delicate details. Icy temperatures of up to minus 35 degrees Celsius – all that is the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin, the capital of Chinas northernmost province Heilongjiang in Manchuria in the Northeast of the Middle Kingdom. The scenery appears to be a dream, almost like a fairytale landscape but it is real. […]

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Travel Blogger Review 2017: A year like no other

By |17. February 2018|

It is probably super ridiculous to write a travel blogger review 2017 in mid-February 2018 and this is probably the latest travel blogger review someone has ever published. But I didn’t have time to write it before and 2017 was an incredibly exciting and eventful year for me with many ups and a few downs, definitely a year like no other. It would be a shame not to write a travel blogger review 2017 especially since I had published one every year for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. […]

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Travelling through Bhutan with G Adventures

By |03. December 2017|

(This post contains affiliate links* and advertising) – When I started thinking about heading to Bhutan a few years ago I soon found out that travelling there individually is not possible unless you have a passport from India, the Maldives or Bangladesh. So when I decided that my next trip would be to this Himalayan Kingdom I knew that there were only two options: going on a (small) group tour or hiring my own local guide through a Bhutanese agency. For a while I considered hiring a private Bhutanese guide but since it would have been more expensive I chose to travel through Bhutan with G Adventures.* It is a Canadian [...]

#RBRUHR Travel Blogger Meeting in Essen – European Green Capital 2017

By |02. August 2017|

Until recently I have never been to Essen although I was born near Düsseldorf and grew up in the Cologne region. Thus I was all the more delighted when Janett from Teilzeitreisender and Anja from Travel on Toast invited to the travel blogger meeting in Essen #RBRUHR. Since 2013 they organize four travel blogger meetings per year in various locations in Germany. This time the meeting took place at the ATLANTIC Congress Hotel Essen which is located between Grugapark and Messe Essen. […]

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The Jewels of Samarkand

By |02. May 2017|

When dreaming of Samarkand most people automatically think of the Registan, in particular those who haven’t been there. The landmark of the city with its three medressas and minarets, the elaborate decorations and their beautiful courtyards is truly majestic. But Samarkand has a lot more to offer. The Gur-E-Amir Mausoleum with its azure dome, the two minarets and its beautifully designed golden interior space. The lively Uzbek Siyob Bazaar where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, spices and the typical Uzbek nan bread. The Bibi Khanym Mosque which was once the most splendid mosque of the Islamic world. The Bibi Khanym Mausoleum where Bibi [...]

Solo Female Travel

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