Nine days from now I am off on a new adventure. I’ll be heading to Dubai, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Java and Bali for six weeks.

I have been to Dubai four times already on my way to or from Asia, but all I know so far is the direct transit area of the International Airport. So I decided, it’s time to finally see the city and a bit more of the United Arab Emirates. Four and half years ago my boyfriend and I spent two days and one night in Abu Dhabi on our way to Thailand. This time I’ll be there for three days and two nights and I hope, this is enough to get a first impression.

I’ll then continue to South East Asia, to Singapore first for a 48 hours visit. I have been there once before in January 2011 but, of course, there are places I haven’t seen yet and sites I want to discover more in depth.

Then I’ll fly to my favourite city – besides my hometown Cologne – Bangkok, where I’ll have five days on my own to visit my favourite spots and to explore new places around the city.

On the 5th November I’ll join a group for a 28 days adventure trip which will lead me from Bangkok to Southern Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Java and Bali where my tour ends in Sanur.

I plan to move onwards to Ubud for three days and discover Bali from there a bit. Afterwards I’ll fly back to Bangkok for another one and a half days.

Then it’s time to fly back home, right on time for the Christmas season, for me the most wonderful time of the year.
I am really looking forward to go back to Asia, discover new places and get back to spots which already became familiar. Of course, I’ll blog my journey but I’ll probably just make notes while travelling and post my experiences and plenty of photos afterwards.

And down below is what I am exactly going to do in the following weeks. Just click on the map and you’ll be directed to my map on If you press the “Play”-button you can join me interactively on my trip. The itinerary of my trip is also listed down below the map on and here in this blog post.


My detailed itinerary:
25th October 2012: Train Cologne Frankfurt, Flight Frankfurt – Dubai in the evening
26th October 2012: Arrival in Dubai/United Arab Emirates in the morning
26th till 29th October 2012: Dubai
29th October 2012: Flight Dubai – Singapore early in the morning
29th till 31st October 2012: Singapore
31st October 2012: Flight Singapore – Bangkok/Thailand
31st October till 5th November 2012: Bangkok (individually)
5th November 2012: Start of tour “Roam Bangkok to Bali” in the evening
6th November 2012: Bangkok, Overnight train Bangkok – Surat Thani
7th November 2012: Arrival in Surat Thani early in the morning, Surat Thani – Ao Nang/Krabi
7th till 9th November 2012: Ao Nang/Krabi
9th November 2012: Ao Nang/Krabi/Thailand – Langkawi/Malaysia
9th till 11th November 2012: Langkawi
11th November 2012: Langkawi – Penang
12th November 2012: Penang – Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands
12th till 14th November 2012: Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands
14th November 2012: Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands – Kuala Lumpur
14th till 16th November 2012: Kuala Lumpur
16th November 2012: Kuala Lumpur – Melaka
17th November 2012: Melaka/Malaysia – Singapore
18th November 2012: Flight Singapore – Jakarta/Java
18th till 20th November 2012: Jakarta
20th November 2012: Jakarta – Cianjur
20th till 22nd November 2012: Cianjur
22nd November 2012: Cianjur – Bandung – Yogyakarta
22nd tiil 25th November 2012: Yogyakarta
25th November 2012: Yogyakarta – Solo
26th November 2012: Solo – Malang
27th November 2012: Malang – Mount Bromo Nationalpark
28th November 2012: Mount Bromo Nationalpark – Kalibaru
29th November 2012: Kalibaru/Java – Pemutaran/Bali
29th November till 1st December 2012: Pemutaran
1st December 2012: Pemutaran – Sanur
2nd December 2012: Sanur – End of Tour
2nd till 5th December 2012: Bali (individually)
5th December 2012: Flight Denpasar/Bali – Bangkok/Thailand
5th till 7th December 2012: Bangkok
7th December 2012: Flight Bangkok – Dubai, Dubai – Frankfurt, Train Frankfurt – Cologne