Little chinese girl and her Mom in the Yuantong Si Temple in Kunming, China

Little chinese girl and her Mom in the Yuantong Si Temple in Kunming, China

The little chinese girl is watching me carefully. She seems to be curious and shy at the same time. Apparently she hasn’t seen many westerners before, so the encounter with the blonde western woman who is smiling at her seems to be something totally unexpected. I meet her and her Mom during my second visit to the Yuantong Si Temple, one of the oldest and the most famous buddhist temple in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province in the Southwest of China.

Totally unexpected for me is to encounter an empty pool surrounding the temple buildings. When I visited the Yuangtong Si Temple for the first time in late July 2010, the pool was filled with green shimmering water, and this is how it is shown on every photograph of the temple. Maybe this is a harbinger of the approaching winter, even though the temperatures during the day are still around 20 degrees Celsius. The atmosphere in the temple complex is different this time, there are less visitors and it is more peaceful and quite. Anyhow I enjoy my second visit to this temple complex which for me is one of the best and most interesting places in Kunming beside the Green Lake Park (or Cui Hu Park), the East and the West Pagoda and the Shilin Stone Forest which is located 120 kilometres southeast of Kunming.

Yuantong Si Temple in Kunming in November 2013


In July 2010 the pool in the Yuantong Si Temple is filled with green shimmering water

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