I didn’t seem to be active on this blog in 2014 yet, but I was busy. As I have written in my last post, my review of 2013, setting up a self-hosted blog was one of my goals for 2014. I have already put this plan into action and have setup a new self-hosted blog. This was quite a lot of work and took more time than I have expected. And this here is my new blog.

For me there are a few crucial reasons for a self-hosted blog. I have been to China three times already, twice alone last year, and fell in love with the country. While being in the Middle Kingdom I didn’t have any access to my own blog and could only see parts of the sites of people who have made their blog their own on WordPress.com. However, I had full access to self-hosted blogs on WordPress.org with the exception of links to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube et cetera, so I decided to self-host my blog in the future as well.

I would love to travel to China again in the future and next time I would like to have full access to my own blog also when being there. I also would like to enable my friends, who are living in China, to read my blog as well.

I have moved all my blog content already and WordPress also moved my WordPress followers for me plus all comments which were mad on my blog, but they told me that you will only get updates of new posts directly to your email if you subscribed to my blog via email. Everyone else of you will only see new articles of me in your WordPress Reader. Unfortunately my followers on facebook and twitter could not be moved. The same goes for your Likes on my previous blog posts, I couldn’t take none of them with me, so currently there are no Likes on my new blog. Therefor I need your help. A blog lives through great posts, but it becomes really alive through its Followers, Comments, Likes and Readers. I would be more than happy if you would start to read and follow my new blog as well and if you would make it alive with your Likes and Comments. I have installed a Plugin which gives you the possibility to publish a link to one of your latest posts together with your comment.

I have bought the same Theme for my new blog which I am already using on this blog, as I really like it. So my new blog looks pretty much the same like this current one.

I will maintain my previous blog on WordPress.com for another few weeks before redirecting it to this blog.

A huge thank you goes to my boyfriend who helped me with all the steps before I could setup the Theme myself and who also helped me to fix a few inconsistencies within the design. There might be one little inconsistency left, but we will try to fix this in the near future.

My greatest thanks goes to all my Followers and to all of you for your Comments, your Likes and for reading my posts. I hope to see you in the future on my new blog as well.